Hundreds of activists took to the northern-Italian city of Turin at the weekend to protest against G7 ministerial meetings which were held in a cordoned-off area.

Protesters overturned waste bins and threw eggs at the offices of the Agnelli Foundation and Italian trade union CISL during a march on Friday against the G7 employment summit in Venaria, just outside Turin.

The demonstrators also symbolically blocked a Carrefour supermarket with duct tape as a protest against the “exploitation of workers by multinationals”.

Students marched in one of the many other demonstrations, shouting the slogan: “We are giants, you are the seven dwarves!”

Police clashed with protesters near the hotel housing the G7 employment summit delegations on Friday, and two student demonstrators were arrested following a baton charge.

Firecrackers were reportedly thrown at the officers, with police responding with tear gas to stop demonstrators from getting any closer to the G7 site.

A police helicopter was also deployed.

Students occupied Palazzo Nuovo University, saying it would be their base for the remainder of the protests.