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    ...fiori dalle antiche radici... by Maria Salpietro: Reflections and dreamings of an Aeolian migrant

    … fiori dalle antiche radici … [flowers from ancient roots] is a book of Italian poems by Maria Salpietro, which includes summaries of each poem in English. Reflecting on her life and on her journey from her native Italy to Australia, the author draws inspiration from her deep love for her family, for humanity, for nature and indeed for all creation, the source of which she acknowledges as Divine. Maria was born in Leni on Salina, one of the seven islands of the Aeolian archipelago. A post-war migrant to Melbourne, Maria proudly celebrates her cultural heritage and writes with sensitivity and grace about her life experiences. Her passion for poetry began as a child and she has been honoured with many awards both in Australia and overseas. This collection of poems has been selected from her many writings and was first published privately as a gift to her family. This second printing will allow many more to enjoy her work and to be invigorated as they enter her world of memory, values, reflection, dreaming – and hope. Speakers: Italian: Dr. Paolo Baracchi (Co.As.It. Cultural Programs). English: Mr Bernard Caleo (storyteller, artist, author). Free entry. Light refreshments served.

    Date October 26, 2017 - October 26, 2017
    Time 6:30pm - 8:00pm
    Co.As.It. Museo Italiano