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    Carmela’s Cucina Povera

    CO.AS.IT. is proud to invite you to CARMELA’S CUCINA POVERA: SELF-DISCOVERY AND HEALING THROUGH SICILIAN COOKING. CARMELA D’AMORE will present her books, ‘Carmela’s Cucina Povera. A journey of self-dis¬covery and healing through Sicilian cooking’ and ‘The heart of the table. Unlocking the treas¬ures to family and community through Sicilian food’. Guest speaker: ROSETTA PAVONE. With the participation of LA VOCE DELLA LUNA, the Italian women’s choir. Sicilian “assaggini” and wine courtesy of the FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA CUOCHI, DELEGAZIONE AUSTRALIA. Food is life! Food brings family, culture and community together. Can food of our Italian heritage teach us about the future? Join Carmela on her Sicilian journey discovering how food has played the most important role in directing her future. Carmela wants to share her story with you: the journey of her family through food, exploring various challenges, what drove her to start writing books, and how food has been at the centre of her life. She wrote her first book, ‘Carmela’s Cucina Povera’ – a journey of self-discovery and healing through Sicilian cooking, to preserve her family’s recipes for her children and grandchildren, and to record her difficult journey of finding a balance between the two countries, and herself. Her second book, ‘The heart of the table’ – unlocking the treasures to family and community through Sicilian food, is about how the times have changed and how we can bring the traditions of the past into this new age, as food remains the core of family and community. We are craving for human connectedness and needing to create stronger communities. Food is life, with its many different facets, and can help create strong values for everyone in our community. FREE EVENT – RSVP ESSENTIAL through CO.AS.IT.’s web page or Facebook page. Image: Carmela D’Amore (Beth Jennings Photography)

    Date August 6, 2019 - August 6, 2019
    Time 6:30pm - 8:00pm
    Museo Italiano 199 Faraday Street