The match, which is one of three in the charity event, will feature past players and legends of the Brisbane City FC, fondly referred to as the “Old Boys”. 

The club was founded in 1952 by a group of Italian migrants who brought not only their culture, but also their passion for calcio to their new home of Australia.

Over six decades later, history repeated itself when Simone Trentino and Francesco D’Orsa decide to establish a soccer group for fellow Italian migrants.

“We founded the group because we saw that there was a gap in the Italian community and we wanted to give people a space not only to play soccer, but to make friends as well,” Mr Trentino said.

After a year of recruiting players and bringing their love for Italy’s favourite sport to Australian pitches, the group was officially branded New Italian Generation.

As the numbers slowly grew to where they currently sit, at around 30 members, Mr Trentino realised that the group offered much more than some friendly faces and an opportunity to play soccer for new migrants who are, more often than not, seeking employment.

“Some of us have been here for five or six years now, and we try to support more recent members who are looking to network in the community or seek work by using some of our established connections,” he explained.

Mr Trentino is eager to assist new Italian arrivals, having once been in a similar situation.

In 2013, the community-minded Italian left his hometown of Rome in search of a new experience, and landed in Brisbane, studying his Master of Business and Marketing Advanced at the University of Queensland.

Having found full-time employment after graduating, Mr Trentino is practically a local now and hopes that other Italian migrants can settle in as well as he did.

The NIG co-founder also has big plans for the soccer group, which he hopes will evolve into an official Italian team playing under the Football Federation Australia.

 “We want to bring back the old Italian spirit,” he said.

The group will begin setting their grand plan into motion next year, but for now they are focused on Saturday’s game, which they will play the only way they know how: Italian style.

For more information about Saturday’s charity event, visit NIG’s Facebook page or the Brisbane City FC website