Established in 1954, the Rugby League World Cup will hold its 15th instalment of the historic tournament from October 27 to December 2, 2017.

The 2017 Rugby League World Cup will feature 14 men’s and five women’s teams from around the globe and will be hosted in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. 

Made up of the most talented players from around the world, the 19 teams are: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, England, France, Samoa, Fiji, Scotland, Tonga, Lebanon, USA, Wales, Ireland, Italy, Australia Women’s, England Women’s, Cook Islands Women’s, Canada Women’s and Papua New Guinea Women’s.

The last two teams listed will make history, celebrating their first Rugby League World Cup, while Italy will compete for the second time and Australia, having won 10 cups since 1954, will compete for the 15th time.

Melbourne will host the official World Cup opener in which Australia and England will battle it out at Rectangular Stadium on Friday, October 27.

Australia will go on to play France at Canberra Stadium on Friday, November 3, and Lebanon at Sydney Football Stadium on Saturday, November 11.

Meanwhile, Italy will begin up north, taking on Ireland at Cairns’ Barlow Park on Sunday, October 29, before clashing with USA at Townsville Stadium on Sunday, November 5.

The side will then head south to challenge Fiji at Canberra Stadium on Friday, November 10.

Italo-Australian fans will hope to see either Australia or Italy in the quarter finals, beginning on Friday, November 17.

For more information or tickets, visit the Rubgy League World Cup’s website.