Mr Spada is under investigation for grievous bodily harm and private violence with the aggravating factor of acting in a mafia context, judicial sources said.

Despite being caught on film attacking the crew, Mr Spada denies the charges laid against him.

Video footage shows Mr Spada headbutting RAI journalist Daniele Piervincenzi, breaking his nose, before attacking filmmaker Edoardo Anselmi with a stick.

The attacker became violent during an interview on the Spada clan’s alleged relations with Rome-based fascist movement CasaPound.

CasaPound, which won a surprising 9 per cent of the votes in Ostia's municipal election on Sunday, has denied any links to the clan.

Mr Piervincenzi said on Thursday that he won’t let the assault deter him and Mr Anselmi from doing their work.

“A broken nose can't stop us,” he said.

“We’ll both keep doing our job with the same dedication as before.”

The investigation has been assigned to anti-mafia prosecutors, judicials sources said.

The incident occurred in a town whose council had been dissolved due to mafia infiltration, and the Spada family is known to authorities in relation to suspected organised crime.