Set in the suburbs of Naples and focusing on organised crime and the relationships of gangsters, drug dealers, and ordinary people, the series is based on the novel by Italian author Roberto Saviano.

“[This series] broadens its gaze to include the Scampias of Europe, the outlying suburbs that all experience the same dimension: and 'Gomorrah' interprets the grammar of violence, of business, of profit,” Mr Saviano explained.

“The hope is precisely in the storytelling, in the possibility that Italy, by telling its own story, has managed to find a model of analysis of power, also on an international level.”

The new series is written by Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli and Ludovica Rampoldi and directed by Claudio Cupellini and Francesca Comencini.

As viewers gear up for the first episode, the show’s cast has once again rejected the idea that 'Gomorrah' glamorises crime and violence.

Actor Salvatore Esposito, who plays Genny Savastano in the series, preferred to focus on the positive impact the show has had on Italy’s youth.

“Why don’t we talk about the acting schools that attracted young people after the series?"