Sharing an immense passion for music, Ms Cozzo and the choir of San Patrignano have united to record the Christmas classic ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, working on the project from New York to Milan and Rimini. 

The idea was planted in Ms Cozzo’s head when her son’s school participated in San Patrignano’s prevention project in Milan. 

Following her first encounter with the community, she decided to visit San Patrignano, in the northern Italian city of Rimini, and that was when a heart-warming collaboration unfolded.

The San Patrignano recovery community is a home for drug dependent individuals who have lost their way, providing a family atmosphere which helps them rediscover their self-esteem, dignity, responsibility and enthusiasm.

Operating since 1978, the community houses around 1300 residents who each embark on a three- or four-year rehabilitation journey. 

Throughout the years, San Patrignano has helped more than 26,000 people from across the globe to conquer their problems and turn their lives around, with the support of non-profit organisational projects and kind donations from the public.

The Sanpa Singers choir was established two decades ago and now comprises 21 avid members, under the direction of Maestro Marco Galli. 

For the choir, getting together once a week to sing is a way to express themselves, growing and discovering new objectives and working together in a creative environment.

“The cooperation and participation of the Sanpa Singers, a great group of young ladies and gentlemen, just made my job even easier,” Ms Cozzo said.

“They were all so excited to record for the very first time in a recording studio, blending touching emotions and mixing beautiful voices together to share one magical, intrinsic moment: a song for Christmas that we can all be proud of.”

Azzurra, one of the leaders of the Sanpa Singers, recalled the fantastic and rare experience which all the members had, breathing life into a song in a studio with the guidance and help of a professional like Ms Cozzo.

And they were certainly in good hands.

Born in Melbourne to Italian migrants, Ms Cozzo has become an international singing sensation.

Her career was kick-started when she won an Australian talent show at 16 years of age, and began touring and supporting Italian and Australian artists around the world. 

After residing in London for a while, she decided to return to her Italian roots and make Milan her home. 

The talented performer has worked with many Italian and international artists, including Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, Jovanotti, Toto Cutugno and Australia’s own Marcia Hines. 

Perhaps her most rewarding collaboration, however, is that with the Sanpa Singers.

“I decided to produce this single for the community of San Patrignano to give what God has gifted me - my voice - and give to others what I believe I was born to do best in life – sing; thus the name of this project, ‘Sing for life’,” she said.

“It’s a ‘song for life’ to start anew and look forward to having another chance in life.”

Ms Cozzo and the Sanpa Singers will perform in Milan on December 14 to promote the single, which is now available on all digital download stores worldwide. 

All proceeds will support San Patrignano’s department of arts and culture.