His latest album, the aptly named ‘Italianissimo’, is a tribute to the style which has defined him since the start of his singing career.

“When I was a teenager I wanted to be a rock singer, and I grew up admiring The Beatles and Elvis Presley,” he says.

“But something drew me to the great melodies in the realm of Italian music.”

It’s the music that Patrizio was raised on in Austria, and the music which was constantly playing in his parents’ pizzeria.

His aptitude for languages led him to study Romance and Slavic languages at the University of Rome.

The artist is fluent in Italian, German, Neapolitan, English, French and Spanish.

He can also speak a few words in Polish thanks to his brothers-in-law.

While Patrizio seemed destined to become an interpreter, he always dedicated his free time to his greatest passion: music.

“In Italy, I tried to create as many contacts as I could, but nobody understood my aspirations,” he explains.

“They just saw a young man who wanted to sing ‘wedding songs’.”

Instead, Patrizio wanted to become an ambassador for Italian music, someone like Gloria Estefan.

It was an ambitious goal, but Patrizio managed to achieve it eventually.

In England, his album ‘The Italian’ sold 100,000 copies in one week.

This success soon led him to Australia, South Africa and Asia.

“Australia is a young land, open to new ideas,” Patrizio says, adding that when he first came to our shores the nonne fell in love.

“Now, I’ve managed to get the interest of their daughters and granddaughters as well.”

In doing so, he has also managed to educate his audience and introduce them to real Italian music, which he argues isn’t just ‘O Sole Mio’.

Patrizio is most proud of the way he has gained respect from listeners.

“You can’t buy that,” he adds.

The singer is also proud to have been able to communicate his sincerity to his fans, who consider him as genuine as they come.

While a large portion of his audience is Italian, there is a whole other group of people from all over the world who see his music as the perfect soundtrack to their holiday in Italy, allowing them to relive the emotions they felt while travelling in the Belpaese.

“Italian music today draws a great deal on American music,” Patrizio argues.

“But just as the French have a chanson, Italians have the canzone and the culture that comes with it, which I believe has been lost. In my work, I aim to bring it back.”

For this reason, Patrizio’s fans from every corner of the globe are united by one thing: the desire to feel the emotions that only Italian music can evoke.

While many define Patrizio as a “crooner”, he sees himself more as a “modern romantic singer”.

“I still have the courage to sing about love, the passionate kind that isn’t afraid to say ‘I’ll love you forever’,” he explains.

Despite this, Patrizio also listens to current music and loves reggaeton.

His music is partly influenced by modern rhythms and his last album is the product of a stint in Mexico, where he was asked to compose a song entitled ‘Me enamoré’ for the soap opera ‘El vuelo de la victoria’.

During his time in Mexico, Patrizio was inspired by the country’s people, traditions and colours.

Working with other artists was going extremely well and he felt the need to begin a new artistic project.

The Mexican influence is evident in the arrangement of the songs, not only in the Spanish tracks, but in the English and Italian ones too.

This makes for a cosmopolitan yet still very Italian album, hence the title ‘Italianissimo’.

Over the last 12 years, Patrizio feels he has matured and that this has allowed him to immerse himself in the spirit of the songs, giving him a deeper sense of respect than when he was 27 years old.

Love is a delicate topic for Patrizio. He has fallen in love, grown fond of someone and also suffered; someone had made him feel he was being taken advantage of, and this led him to choose the single life for many years.

“Today there is someone, and they are very special,” he admits, adding that he’ll be more aware and cautious this time around.

Patrizio’s Australian tour will take place from the end of October, with a show scheduled for the Arts Centre Melbourne on November 1.

In the meantime, fans can occupy themselves by listening to his rich, hypnotic voice.

For tickets to Patrizio Buanne’s Melbourne show, visit the Arts Centre Melbourne’s website. For tickets to all other shows, visit Ticketek.