And you wouldn’t be wrong.

Having just recently turned 18, Daklen has already experienced more than the average teen and his destiny seems to have been written in the stars.

His unusual name sparks curiosity, as it’s certainly not Italian and isn’t exactly common in other languages either.

Daklen explained it’s a name invented by his father, Daniele.

Daniele wanted to name his son after himself, but given it’s prohibited to do so in Italy, he created a name with the first two letters of his own followed by a random but melodic combination of letters.

Daklen's father was a trumpeter and their home in Matera featured a piano which was used to create compositions.

The piano was a big object in the eyes of a small child and from the age of 6, Daklen became fascinated with the instrument.

His father, a great supporter of his talent, decided to enrol him at the Conservatory of Music “E. R. Duni” in Matera at the tender age of eight.

Daklen soon revealed himself as a child prodigy, and from there years of training and dedication ensued.

On July 7, Daklen will showcase his natural talent in Melbourne, playing a concert entitled ‘Da Schubert a Schumann: L’arte del canto al pianoforte’.

The concert is part of Co.As.It.’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and will be accompanied by a series of events that will run until the end of the year.

This will be Daklen’s first time in Australia, and he excitedly explained that the trip will mark the beginning of his international career.

After his Melbourne performance, the compelling musician will be able to say he’s played on every continent.

Music has opened Daklen to myriad new experiences, including travelling from a young age and receiving awards around the world.

He made his debut on the international stage at nine years old, playing in a concert in the US as a representative of Italy at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC, in the presence of distinguished members of Washington Opera, the Library of Congress and politicians including Nancy Pelosi.

When he was 12, he played in Tunisia, representing Italy in the Festival des Jeunes Virtuoses du Monde, and then in the following years came concerts in Scotland, Germany, Holland, Spain, France and Israel.

Daklen has also received many awards in Italy, the one closest to his heart being when he was 11 years old and the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, awarded him a gold medal and certificate of honour for his outstanding achievements in music.

However, Daklen said that he doesn’t have a specific moment that he remembers with more fondness than the others.

“In the career of a pianist, every well-executed concert is an emotional moment,” he said.

“Though every concert is different, my main focus is always on connecting with the audience.”

Following his concert at Co.As.It., Daklen will perform in Sydney before enjoying a trip around our beautiful nation with his family.

He will then return to Italy to prepare for his upcoming performances in Germany in September.

All of this while studying and preparing to pass his final exams.

This event is free, but booking is essential. For more information, visit Co.As.It.’s website.