So much so, that the Tuscan capital has introduced fines of up to €500 ($800) for people caught eating takeaway food while sitting on the pavement or the doorsteps of shops and houses on its main streets.

From this week, tourists will have to eat on the go or move to an area which is not affected by the ban to enjoy their meal.

The bustling city’s mayor, Dario Nardella, introduced the ban on Tuesday after locals complained about a lack of decorum on behalf of visitors.

The mayor said he had received complaints from residents who couldn’t even enter their homes at times due to congestion on the street.

 “The new rule is not aimed at tourism in general but at uneducated visitors who camp in the streets with their lunch,” Nardella said.

“It’s not a punitive measure but a deterrent.

“If tourists behave in Florence as they would at home then they will always be welcome, especially if they want to try our gastronomic specialities.” 

The ban is valid from midday to 3:00 pm, and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, to cover the most popular eating times.

Areas affected by the regulations are Via de’Neri, Piazzale degli Uffizi, Piazza del Grano and Via della Ninna.

The ban will be enforced until January 6 and may continue into the following months.

As part of the #EnjoyRespectFirenze campaign, Firenze Turismo encourages all tourists to love and respect the city and behave accordingly.

The tourism bureau offers the following advice to visitors:

Ten best practices

1. Visit this website to plan your stay.

2. Please use the public toilets or those located in bars and restaurants of which you are customer.

3. In Florence you can drink fresh and free public water. Take a glass or a travel bottle or reuse empty plastic bottles.

4. There are four info points in the city: Piazza Stazione, Via Cavour, Bigallo (Piazza Duomo) and at the airport: please turn to them.

5. If you want to rest or have a snack use proper benches and spaces.

6. Throw your garbage in the waste bins, use the recycling bins. If Florence remains clean it will also be thanks to you!

7. Monuments, churches, statues and other beauties are at your disposal to be admired and visited. Respect them!

8. Enjoy the city and respect the others with your behaviour, but also with your clothing, respect places of worship.

9. Visit the crafts shops and buy original products. Don’t buy from illegal street vendors, don’t buy fake goods.

10. Taste the local typical products of the Tuscan tradition.

What you should NOT do

1. It is forbidden to litter public areas: use waste bins.

2. Don’t sit and consume food and drink on the steps of monuments and churches.

3.Don’t damage or scribble on the walls of old palaces or churches, or on works of art.

4. Don’t immerse yourself in fountains; don’t climb on monuments, do not endanger yourself and others.

5. In public places and establishments don’t show yourself bare-chested or wearing swimwear, even if it's hot in summertime.

6.Don’t buy counterfeit goods or any goods from illegal street vendors.