July 14 marked 80 years since the manifesto was published, preparing the enactment of the Racial Laws – which stripped Jews of Italian citizenship and governmental and professional positions – later that year.

Streets to be renames include Via Arturo Donaggio, named after the former president of the Italian society of psychiatrists, and Via Edoardo Zavattari, named after a zoologist.

Students in the Eternal City have made suggestions for the new street names in a meeting with Raggi on Thursday.

Raggi said she wanted students to participate in the monumental change “so that citizens know who these roads were named after; the people, the scientists, who had the courage to oppose fascism, and shortly they will redefine those streets”.

“We need to recover a memory which today is becoming a little too easily forgotten,” she added.

“Otherwise we risk suffering tragedies once again like those of 80 years ago.”

Possible new names include scientists who opposed fascism and were “purged” under the laws, such as Nella Mortara, Mario Carrara, Pierina Scaramella, Enrica Calabresi, Franco Rasetti, Emilio Segre and Bruno Touschek.