Luca Tacchetto and Edith Blais were expected to arrive in Togo before Christmas for a humanitarian project, but no one has heard from them since they were in Burkina Faso on December 15.

Tacchetto and Blais met in Canada two years ago and have been travelling since last year, visiting European countries before heading to Africa.

Blais was last in contact with her mother on December 13, while Tacchetto last spoke with his family two days later, on the same day Blais posted a photo album of their trip on Facebook.

The two were supposed to arrive in Togo to work with the tropical reforestation project Zion’Gaïa.

The pair’s disappearance follows the kidnapping of Italian aid worker Silvia Romano in Kenya on November 20, 2018.

The search for Romano is currently in its second month.