A jet will transport the fragrant flowers from the Italian Riviera, along with traditional Italian costumes, which will be worn by Italian girls in Melbourne for the official presentation.

The 3000 carnations will be divided into gorgeous bouquets and given to the wives of all public officials in Melbourne, including the mayor’s wife, that of the governor, and those of all of the members of Moomba.

It marks the first time a European tourism agency has taken part in Australia’s largest festival, and this initial gesture could lead to more successful cooperation in the future.

The idea of Italy officially participating in Moomba came from one of the festival’s directors, Mr G. Millans, who proposed it to various members of the Italian business community in Melbourne.

One of these members was on board with the idea, and immediately got in touch with Italy and Riviera dei Fiori.

There was even talk of having the float which won last year’s Carnevale della Riviera brought over, but time and transport constraints mean the idea has been shelved for this year.

Mr Millans said he was excited about Italy’s participation in the event and that he was sure Riviera dei Fiori will be involved more directly in future editions of the festival.

Fourteen girls, representing each of the tourist towns on the Italian Riviera, will present the bouquets on behalf of each town.