The Melbourne-based organisation, which connects people from various industries who share a mutual interest in and respect for their Italian heritage, is set to broaden its horizons and expand interstate.

President of ALTO, Steve Perri, announced last month that the organisation will establish a South Australian presence in 2019.

The expansion will be celebrated with an inaugural launch event in Adelaide this month.

“Two-thousand and nineteen promises to be an exciting year in the evolution of ALTO and we are looking forward to collaborating with our friends, members, sponsors and supporters to make it our best year to date,” Perri said in a written statement.

“We wish to welcome all of our contacts to reach out to us if they recognise some strategic benefit in collaborating with us in 2019.”

ALTO wrapped up a successful 2018 and celebrated its fifth anniversary with an event held at The Trust, in Flinders Lane, in December.

Many members, friends and associates came along to celebrate the organisation’s achievements over the last five years and to show their support moving forward.

Perri, who is also a founding member of ALTO, took the time to thank all members of the committee for their hard work, and sponsors and partners for their support.

“Five years ago, we organised our first event and we didn’t know if anyone would show up; today we have a strong network of members, partners and sponsors and this is a great success for us,” he said.

As well as taking its cause across the Victorian border, ALTO will continue to bring members from Melbourne a series of exciting networking events and functions throughout the year.

The first event of 2019 is scheduled for March... stay tuned for more details!