He hasn’t got a minute to spare.

He’s been working for weeks without a moment of rest.

We at Il Globo and La Fiamma can testify to that, given his inability to find the time to send a comment (which we have been requesting since January 10 in a series of correspondence via email with his office) to publish in the new segment In classe, which is dedicated to the teaching of Italian in NSW schools.

With the state election just around the corner, for Rob Stokes it would have been a notable opportunity to redefine a space for himself in our newspaper and address all the readers of La Fiamma on what’s been happening in the education sector under the Berejiklian government.

An electoral “spotlight”, cost free and with a minimum of effort, which few would have refused.

His counterpart in Victoria James Merlino jumped at the opportunity as representative of the Andrews government (who just recently won the state elections), and praised warmly our editorial initiative, highlighting the convictions of the Labor administration in Victoria for the importance of teaching in general, as well as specific investments in the schooling system at all levels via programs and teachers “to ensure that the study of Italian and other languages can prosper”.

In NSW, the current government in this field obviously has a few less convictions than that, or at least the main representative of the education sector does not have time to expand on them to a considerable number of voters of Italian origin.

It’s an opportunity lost through indifference, not for this newspaper but for its readers, and we weren’t expecting it.