The event, Canzonissima Festa Italian Music Old & New, was presented by master of ceremonies Roberto Scarselletta with a musical program and entertainment for more than 170 people from all over.

Meetings between different members of the community, joy, songs, music, game, lunch, dances and jokes were the ingredients for success.

Esteemed guests included Adelina Manno, president of Agira Cultural Association; Maurizio Aloisi, president of Com.It.Es. and Angelina Rossi from the radio program A touch of Italy and Italian Touch.

Five trios participated in the Canzonissima competition: Gruppo SWIA, Grupo Abruzzese, Trio del Sud, Gruppo Napoletani and Gruppo degli Ultimi.

To play the game, points were awarded for whichever team was able to guess first the song played by the orchestra, which was made up of Tony Gagliano, John  Vadalà and Sam Pellegrino.

After an ignited and cheerful competition, held to the sweet sounds of musical notes, the Gruppo degli Ultimi (Group of the Last Ones) came out evangelically on top, and Caterina Mauro, Angelina Rossi and Maurizio Aloisi won first place, which was awarded to them by Maria Grazia Storniolo amongst the applause of those present.

Contribution by exceptional musicians Tony Gagliano, John  Vadalà and Sam Pellegrino, accompanied by singers Angela Arduca, Carlo Denny, Kathy Commisso and Matthew Dal Cin distinguished the NSW Seniors Festival.

The young soprano Angela Arduca opened the show with a variety of music, from Bocelli to traditional Sicilian and Calabrian tunes.

To follow was Carlo Denny, the acclaimed “voice of gold”, who rocked those present with his melodious voice: from Quanto sei bella Roma to Besame mucho and a program of international songs, which highlighted his multi-toned singing, very much appreciated by the public.

Kathy Commisso continued the evening with a selection of magnificent Italian songs; the crowd accompanied her to Evviva la Spagna, and even unravelled their serviettes, while for Calabresella mia and Che sarà sarà, the crowd joined in on their favourite parts.

To conclude the beauty of the day , CNA-Italian Australian Services and Welfare Service Inc put forward the young tenor Matthew Dal Cin, a fantastic voice who began with In ginocchio da te, continued with La donna è mobile and concluded with a much applauded Nessun dorma.

Between one break and another, Maria Grazia and Roberto Scarselletta told jokes.

The lottery concluded the memorable day for all the elderly, who openly declared to be looking forward to other events this fun in the future.