Discussions will be held on the latest thinking about gender, #MeToo, rape culture, female anger, and the global reach and breadth of feminist thinking.

This year’s festival has talks and discussions, including “be a lady tradie” and “women in hip hop”, live podcasts and lessons in skills, from carpentry to flower arranging.

From 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm the Utzon room will host live podcast The Waves, a contemporary discussion on gender, politics and culture from hosts June Thomas, Noreen Malone and Christina Cauterucci.

Listen and watch as they serve up the latest politics and pop culture alongside hilarious conversations about bisexual dating, Beyonce and the sex recession. 

“Our name reflects generations of women from the various waves of feminism, the sound waves that carry us to your ears, and the waves we intend to make,” the panel said.

Cauterucci is an Italo-American journalist and contemporary culture theorist based in Washington.

She is currently a staff writer at Slate and host of its podcasts, The Waves and Outward.

Cauterucci is known to confront cutting-edge topics with a particular focus on “the way gender shapes everything”.

Most recently, she hosted a discussion on The Waves about HBO’s new documentary Leaving Neverland, which confronts the difficult topic of Michael Jackson and his alleged sexual abuses on children.

Cauterucci’s queer and contemporary way of thinking has left her named as one of “America’s sharpest minds”.

Get your tickets to The Waves live podcast with Christina Cauterucci on the Sydney Opera House’s website.