Evacuations have also been carried out in Premana and Primaluna, in the upper Val Varrone and in the northernmost area of ​​Valsassina, where the rivers Varrone and Pioverna are flooded at various points.

The provincial highway between Cortenova and Parlasco has been blocked by a fallen tree, while the provincial road in Introbio and the railway between Bellano and Delebio has also been obstructed.

Bad weather also struck part of the province of Brescia, particularly in the Valcamonica area, with 70 people evacuated from their homes.

The Bergamo valleys have been affected by flooding and a dense hailstorm.

Fortunately, despite the severity of the weather, nobody has been registered as injured.

Regional Councillor for Civil Protection Pietro Foroni announced that although weather is improving “the damage count is starting and the procedure is underway to ask the Government to recognize a national state of emergency”.