For many European migrants, a typically hot Sydney Christmas isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Many long for the colder months and festivities which are held in the warm indoors.

Christmas in July is a nostalgic event which brings festive cheer to winter!

At their event, the Associazione Puglia will cook Italian food, plus the traditional Apulian speciality of cartelatte al vincotto, or carteddàte in dialect.

These traditional Christmas sweets are fried parcels which have bubbles on the surface due to the cooking process, and white wine in their pastry.

They are usually drizzled with honey or sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

This Apulian delicacy has ancient origins.

It is said that each biscuit symbolises the sheets of Baby Jesus.

The name of the dessert, cartelatte, comes from the Greek kartallos, which means “basket”.

There are numerous village festivals dedicated to this dessert during the Christmas period in Puglia, and Apulian women tend to pass on the custom and prepare the cartelatte within their family, following the traditional recipe.

Associazione Puglia’s lively evening will be accompanied by the music mixing of DJ Chuck.

President of the association, Gianni Carelli, will be present, as well as his wife, Giulia.

Bookings to Christmas in July are essential.

RSVP to Giulia on (02) 9745 2027 or Nicla on (02) 9743 5294.