The Sydney season, which commenced from July 3, was just extended due to popular demand and will continue through to July 21.

This Russian circus involves 18 acts, including international features from Cuba, Canada, the USA, Colombia and “a weird and wondrous contortionist from Dagestan”.

The contortionist commences his sequence enfolded inside a glass box.

Like a handkerchief he unfolds, and begins a series of oddly enchanting bone-defying movements (his stomach moves like a wave; his legs can reach with unnatural ease behind his neck).

A double wheel features admirable acrobats while Russian clowns tease and involve the audience in a series of mischievous escapades.

Perhaps the most anticipated act is the “Globe of Death”, which one viewer said had her staring in fearful awe as a record-breaking seven motorcyclists hurtled around the globe at breakneck speed.

The show contains no animal acts.

ZIRK! features principal artists which have previously starred in Cirque du Soleil, the Russian State Circus, Swiss National Circus and Europe’s top shows such as Circus Roncalli, Germany's famed Krone and the cutting-edge Flic Flac.

“We’re thrilled that Sydney is so excited about ZIRK! and that we have been able to extend the season,” circus producer Andrew Guild said.

Guild spent eight months combing the world to seek and sign up the best acts on the international circus circuit.

“It’s a circus the children will never forget, and a show that adults could only dream off,” he said.

“A two-hour spectacular showing in its own beautiful brand new Italian-made Big Top Tent.”

The tent is a grand feature in the show, with all acts housed within its showy red and white drapes, and audience members at a maximum 15 rows from the circus ring.

Italy has long been known for producing spectacular circus tents, with Italian tent-makers (and later French) constantly developing new systems for circus tents and seating, which have made some European travelling circuses nearly as comfortable and production-efficient as any permanent building.

ZIRK! Circus is now showing in the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, until July 21, and will travel to Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra in the coming months.

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