The international singing sensation touched down in Melbourne last week, attending a series of promotional events before heading to Adelaide for Friday’s concert, and Sydney for last night’s performance.

This is the second Australian tour for the famous singer, renowned for his hits Ti Amo and Gloria.

The event has sparked enormous interest among the entire community, not just Italians, largely due to Tozzi’s appearances on popular television programs such as The Bert Newton Show, The Today Show and Sounds, along with radio and print interviews.

Tozzi is adored for his laidback and funny nature and the way he engages with the media and the public.

His performance of Gloria on The Bert Newton Show and the subsequent showing of the song’s video clip on Sounds demonstrated his exceptional talent to Australian viewers.

Other than establishing Tozzi as an international star, this tour also adds to the rich lineup of Italian artists who’ve visited over the years.

Eurobiz Internationale, a Sydney-based Italian company with offices in Melbourne, Adelaide and Milan, is doing incredible work to bring these performers out.

The company organised the recent tours of Marcella Bella and Pupo, while it intends to bring out more big names in the future, including Riccardo Fogli, Toto Cutugno, Ricchi e Poveri, Mino Reitano, Iva Zanicchi and Pooh.

Tickets are still available for Umberto Tozzi’s concert on Wednesday, July 11, at the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Street, Olympic Park, Swan Street.