Italian news agency ANSA quoted Pescara hospital emergency room officials as saying that Wednesday’s hailstorm caused cuts requiring stitches and bruises, especially on the head.

The hail damaged cars and homes in the coastal town.

Streets were later flooded in Pescara as a violent rainstorm followed the hailstorm.

“The city is impassable,” Pescara’s mayor, Carlo Masci, said.

“Fire fighters and council workers are all in the streets, but they aren't enough to cope with the emergency.”

Elsewhere in Italy, hail in Venafro, Molise, broke windows and windshields.

On the outskirts of San Vito Lo Capo, a Sicilian beach town, ANSA said 750 holidaymakers were able to return to their resort on Wednesday after wind-whipped flames had forced evacuation by sea overnight.

In the north, a tornado swept through the area of Milano Marittima, Emilia-Romagna, knocking down some 200 century-old pine trees in the popular Adriatic Sea resort.

A woman was injured in the tornado and treated at Cesena’s Bufalini Hospital.