Authorities in the region of Campania released CCTV footage on Tuesday, showing the individual standing in a spot that was seconds later barrelled by mud and rock as the landslide hit.

The incident took place on December 21.

The civil protection of the Campania region said the individual survived, and that it was an important reminder during bad weather to “pay attention” to alerts issued by authorities.

The near-tragedy in Cetara, located along the famous Amalfi Coast, happened as multiple landslides were reported in the region amid heavy rains, closing several roads, Italian news agency ANSA reported at the time.

In the nearby town of Vietri sul Mare, the mayor ordered school buildings to be used to accommodate those who were impacted by the landslide.

After another landside in Cetara, also on December 21, several hundred guests were trapped at a wedding reception taking place at a hotel, according to ANSA.

Here is the footage of the near-miss in Cetara: