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    Torrone Bianco di Mamma Rosa

    Recipes by Rosa Bertucci

    A sweet treat from Calabria. Nougat can be preserved in the fridge for a period of up to seven to eight months.

    Serves 6-8

    • 4 egg whites
    • 1 cup sugar
    • 500g organic honey
    • 500g raw pealed peanuts
    • 500g raw almonds
    • 8 sheets of rice paper

    1. Roast the peanuts to a golden brown with the almonds, and let
    them cool
    2. Beat the egg whites and sugar for approximate 15 minutes, until
    firm peaks are formed
    3. In a heavy-bottom pan, on a low heat, cook honey and beaten egg
    whites, constantly stirring per approximately 20 minutes
    4. Add roasted peanuts and almonds, and keep constantly stirring for
    20 minutes, until mixture starts to detach from the pan
    5. Place 4 sheets of rice paper, divide equal measures and spread
    contents onto sheets, covering with remaining 4 rice paper sheets
    6. With a wooden chopping board (or similar), beat nougat flat and
    7. Place in fridge to cool down for 5 minutes
    8. Cut nougat sheet in half (vertical length) and then cut in lengths of
    2-3cm by 5-6cm; or as desired.