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    School Subscriptions

    IL GLOBO is pleased to officially announce a space entirely dedicated to teachers and students of Italian.

    Digital Licence

    In classe con Il Globo 


    In classe, an initiative of Il Globo & La Fiamma, aims to support and nurture the teaching of Italian across Australia.

    In 2019, the In classe section is being expanded to a lift-out section dedicated to the interests of teachers, parents and students. 

    The monthly lift-out will include school news, feature stories, in depth articles on important issues facing Italian language education, as well as resources for teachers, scholarship opportunities for teachers and students as well as professional development information.

    Il Globo & La Fiamma are pleased to offer a free subscription to all teachers of Italian across Australia. Schools outside Australia can access In classe as well as each edition of Il Globo & La Fiamma in digital formats.

    Register now, to receive a free copy mailed to your school.

    Register to receive In classe


    School digital subscriptions

    The ulimate classroom resource for Italian students is a digital subscription to Il Globo.  Each edition is made available via digital replica formats available on computers and tablet devices. 

    Digital subscription cost: FREE for 2019.



    No logins, no passwords, no limits on concurrent users!

    We'll provide you with a link to access our newspaper and magazines – no logins, passwords or apps required. Access will be limited to the school's IP range, so users can only login while they're on school grounds.

    PLUS - users can be given access outside of school via a login.

    In classe Edition Schedule


    Publication Date

    February Thursday February 7, 2019
    March Thursday March 7, 2019
    April Thursday April 4, 2019
    May Thursday May 2, 2019
    June Thursday May 30, 2019
    July Thursday June 27, 2019
    August Thursday July 25, 2019
    September Thursday August 22, 2019
    October Thursday September 19, 2019
    November Thursday October 24, 2019
    December Thursday November 28, 2019

    Get involved!

    Please send your contributions and photos via email to:
    or in hard copy to:

    In classe IL GLOBO 
    PO Box 250 
    Brunswick West VIC 3055.

    Call us on 03 9481 0666

    Contact us

    To contact our subscription deparment, email:

    or call us on 03 9481 0666.